Claiming the $1000 Reward
Jude Wanniski
July 23, 2002


Memo To: My Fellow “Anti-Semites and Bigots”
From: Jude Wanniski
Re Joshua Muravchik Wants It

Two weeks ago I got a call from a fellow I don’t remember meeting, but whose by-line I have read over the years on commentaries in various conservative journals of opinion. He called to ask me if Iraq was a client of Polyconomics and I informed him that in 24 years my company had never taken a dime from a government or a politician. He continued to insist that his readings of my Memos on the Margin were distinctly anti-Israel and anti-Semitic and that he could not engage me in debate because my positions were outside the realm of civilized discourse. My support of Min. Louis Farrakhan came up and I noted I had offered a $1,000 reward on “The O’Reilly Factor” to anyone who could provide evidence that Min. Farrakhan had ever said anything disrespectful of Judaism or the Jewish people.

Mr. Muravchik asked if he could participate, and I said of course, that my offer has been open to anyone and that it was publicly made several months ago. I did tell him that several people thought they had me cold with the “Judaism is a gutter religion” statement, which Farrakhan never made, and in 1984 offered a $10,000 reward if anyone could find it, but Muravchik went ahead anyway. Here is the e-mail exchange that followed. After the last e-mail from him that appears here, I asked if he would mind if I would quote him. He responded within minutes: “Be my guest.” You can be the judge. Has he earned the thousand dollars?

* * * * *

From: JMuravchik
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 15:12:26 EDT
Subject: You owe me $1,000
To: Jude Wanniski
Mr. Wanniski,
Whatever else you are, let us see if you are a man of your word. Below are a few clips concerning Farrakhan's speech in which he was reported to have called Judaism a "gutter religion." Farrakhan's response was that he had said "dirty religion," not "gutter religion." Most news organizations that listened to the tape heard "gutter." Some were not sure. But there is no difference between "gutter" and "dirty" as far as your offer of $1,000 to anyone who could produce "evidence that Farrakhan had ever said anything disrespectful of Judaism or the Jewish people." Please confirm that my $1,000 is in the mail.
Josh Muravchik

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The New York Times

June 29, 1984, Friday, Late City Final Edition

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Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Black Muslim group called the Nation of Islam, continued tonight to deny referring to Judaism as a ''gutter religion,'' but a tape recording made available today by The Chicago Sun-Times contained that phrase in a sermon broadcast by Mr. Farrakhan last Sunday.

In an interview on the Cable News Network, Mr. Farrakhan said he had actually used the phrase ''dirty religion.'' He also said that he had voluntarily withdrawn from the Jackson campaign on May 5 and that he was ''not the least bit disturbed'' by the Rev. Jesse Jackson's disavowal of his remarks.

''It it will help him go to the convention and represent the 85 percent of the blacks who voted for him,'' Mr. Farrakhan said, ''then the rebuke or the repudiation is well worth it.'' Earlier, the Senate, by a 95-to-0 vote, passed a resolution condemning Mr. Farrakhan's remarks. Asked about the vote, Mr. Farrakhan said. ''And there is not one black senator, is there? My repudiation of the Senate carries more weight with God than their repudiation of me.''

Mr. Farrakhan could not be immediately reached for further comment.

'An Outlaw Act'

On Wednesday, in an interview with The Chicago Tribune, Mr. Farrakhan, while denying he made the offending remark about Judaism, acknowledged that he had referred to the creation of the state of Israel as ''an outlaw act.'' Mr. Farrakhan then reportedly said, ''I'm willing to pay $10,000 out of my pocket and offer my life if any person can prove that Louis Farrakhan made that kind of statement.''

In the speech Sunday, as recorded by a reporter for The Sun-Times, Mr. Farrakhan gave his version of biblical history and, in a recurring theme, accused Jews of rewriting the Bible to depict themselves as God's chosen people. In reality, he said, black Americans are the chosen of God.

Toward the end of that portion of his speech that was recorded, Mr. Farrakhan said: ''Now that nation called Israel never has had any peace in 40 years and she will never have any peace because there can be no peace structured on injustice, thievery, lying and deceit and using the name of God to shield your gutter religion under His holy and righteous name.''

Mr. Farrakhan addresses his followers nearly every Sunday afternoon in a spirited and wide-ranging sermon at the sect's national headquarters on Chicago's South Side. He is frequently interrupted by applause.

Most Journalists Barred

Last Sunday most journalists were barred from the proceedings, but a few black journalists, including the managing editor of The Chicago Defender, a black newspaper, were invited to attend. Several black journalists later met privately with Mr. Farrakhan.

The Sun-Times reporter, Don Hayner, was not allowed to attend, but he recorded the address as it was broadcast live over radio station WBEE. It was that tape that was made available today.

Mr. Farrakhan, 51 years old, said that his duty, as taught by Elijah Muhammad, a founder of the Black Muslim sect, was to ''expose the wickedness and lay it bare'' so that ''the people of this earth will never again be deceived by those who come in the name of God, cloaking themselves in the robes of God, but are in fact members of the synagogue of Satan.''

Attack Against Reporter

Mr. Farrakhan became the center of controversy earlier this year when in a speech he described Hitler as great. In that same broadcast, he made what has been interpreted as a threat on the life of a Washington Post reporter who disclosed that Jesse Jackson, the Democratic Presidential candidate, had referred to Jews as ''Hymies.''

Mr. Farrakhan is popular on the speaker's circuit among blacks, ranging from church groups to local chapters of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

While no one is quite sure of his following, he is believed to draw a large listening audience for his radio addresses, which are broadcast over black-oriented radio stations in several major cities.

In this city, the first hour of the Muslims' Sunday proceedings have been broadcast live over WBEE. This includes 10 to 20 minutes of preliminary remarks by Muslim fuctionaries, then Mr. Farrakhan's sermons. He sells tapes of his sermons for about $8.

HEADLINE: Farrakhan Says He Called Judaism 'Dirty Religion,' Not 'Gutter'


Black Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan, one of Democratic presidential hopeful Jesse Jackson's earliest supporters, maintains that he never called Judaism a "gutter religion," but acknowledges that he used the term "dirty religion."

Farrakhan, head of the Nation of Islam, denied in a published report and in two broadcast interviews Thursday that his statement in a Sunday radio broadcast included the word "gutter."

The Chicago Sun-Times, which obtained a tape of Farrakhan's radio broadcast, had reported that Farrakhan used the word "gutter." Farrakhan told the Chicago Tribune on Thursday that he is willing to "offer my life" if anyone can prove he called Judaism a "gutter religion." In interviews with ABC News and with Freeman Reports on the Cable News Network, he said the word he used was "dirty."

In videotapes and an audio tape of the broadcast heard at various speeds by Associated Press editors in New York, Chicago and Washington, the word used could not be determined with certainty.

"I'm going to sue every last one of them that said that Louis Farrakhan said that Judaism is a gutter religion, and I'm willing to pay $10,000 out of my pocket and offer my life" if it can be proved that he made such a statement, the Muslim minister told the Chicago Tribune.

On the tape, Farrakhan said: "Now that nation called Israel never have had any peace in 40 years and she will never have any peace because there can be no peace structured on injustice, thievery, lying and deceit and using the name of God to shield your (gutter or dirty) religion under his holy and righteous name."

The comment has created a furor among Jewish leaders and drawn sharp rebukes from Democratic presidential candidates Walter Mondale and from Jackson.

Jackson, who has been under pressure to disavow Farrakhan's support, said Thursday that there is no place for the Muslim leader's recent remarks in his campaign and called Farrakhan's comments "reprehensible and morally indefensible."

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June 28, 1984, Thursday, AM cycle

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Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan was condemned by the Senate Thursday just hours after Jesse Jackson branded his supporter's anti-Semitic remarks ''reprehensible and morally indefensible.''

Farrakhan, a prominent backer of Jackson's bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, referred to Judaism as a ''gutter religion'' during a speech broadcast Sunday in Chicago.

The Senate voted 95-0 to condemn Farrakhan for ''hateful, bigoted expressions of anti-Jewish and racist sentiments.''

The resolution condemned Farrakhan for his remarks and instructs the chairmen of the Democratic and Republican parties to request they immediately repudiate in writing Farrakhan's remarks. ''There is no place in our society, nor in the electoral process, for hateful, bigoted expressions of anti-Jewish and racist sentiments such as those being made by Louis Farrakhan, and all such vicious expressions must be condemned,'' said the resolution sponsored by Sen. Don Nickles, R-Okla.

Five senators were absent for the vote.

In a statement released at Jackson's Democratic headquarters Thursday, Jackson labeled the Nation of Islam leader's comments as ''inflammatory'' and ''damaging for the prospect of peace'' in the Middle East and called for the start of a process to ''heal the wounds'' between Christians, Moslems and Jews.

''I find such statements or comments to be reprehensible and morally indefensible,'' Jackson said.

Jackson said that reporters had failed to notice that Farrakhan has not participated in his campaign in recent months.

''I discouraged his participation,'' Jackson said. ''He is not a part of our campaign.''

However, in an interview on Cable News Network's ''Freeman Reports'' Thursday, Farrakhan said he was ''not the least bit disturbed'' by Jackson's disavowal.

''If it will help him go to the (Democratic) convention and represent the 85 percent of the blacks who voted for him ... then the rebuke or the repudiation is well worth it.''

Farrakhan, speaking in a Cable News Network interview, said he had voluntarily withdrawn from the campaign on May 5th.

The Muslim leader also denied he used the phase ''gutter religion'' to describe Judaism. He listened to a tape of the speech and said the words used were actually ''dirty religion.''

''I'm prepared to offer $100,000 and my life if CBS or the New York Post or anyone can examine that tape and come up with the fact that I said Judaism is a gutter religion. I could never make a statement like that and remain a Muslim.''

However, United Press International obtained a tape recording of the Sunday broadcast of Farrakhan's and reference to Judiasm as ''gutter religion'' was clearly audible.

Farrakhan, informed of the Senate motion during the Cable News Network interview, smiled and said, ''And there is not one black senator, is there?''

He then added, ''My repudiation of the Senate carries more weight with God than their repudiation of me.''

Walter Mondale immediately issued a statement in Atlanta approving of Jackson's statement.

''I commend Rev. Jackson for doing ... for making it clear that Mr. Farrakhan has no part in his campaign,'' Mondale told reporters. ''The only way to advance the cause of justice in America is to condemn bigotry and prejudice wherever it appears.''

Jackson said he would not allow Farrakhan's words to divide the Democratic Party. ''Neither anti-Semitism nor anti-black statements have any place in our party,'' he said, apparently responding do urgings by political, religious and civil rights leaders to repudiate Farrakhan.

Jackson said that the problems raised ''go to the very fabric of our national civility'' and that ''to heal the wounds'' in the Christian, Islamic and Jewish communities he wants to begin ecumenical meetings between the groups.

Nathan Perlmutter, national director of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, said, ''I don't want to be carping -- (Jackson's statement) took an awfully long time, but better late than never. I also don't want to be naive, it took a very, very long time.''

* * * * *

July 16, 2002

Mr. Wanniski,
In addition to being a crank and an anti-Semite, you are also thoroughly dishonest. This is what Farrakhan said: "Now that nation called Israel never have had any peace in 40 years and she will never have any peace because there can be no peace structured on injustice, thievery, lying and deceit and using the name of God to shield your (gutter or dirty) religion under his holy and righteous name." He does not use the word, Jew, here, but he explicitly refers to the religion of Israel, which is Judaism. You can pile on the double talk and the additional anti-Semitic slurs, but you remain a miserable faker and liar until you pay up the grand.

Yours contemptuously, Joshua Muravchik

Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 17:11:28 -0400
To: JMuravchik
From: Jude Wanniski
Subject: Re: You owe me $1,000

Farrakhan has made thousands of speeches in which he spoke reverently of Judaism. He never made a speech in which he spoke disrespectfully of Judaism, including the one you cite out of blind hatred. I know anti-Semitism when I see it and can assure you neither he nor I have a speck of anti-Semitism in our hearts or souls.

Please read this, Joshua... It is about how my father raised me.

And I suggest you do read Jeffrey Goldberg's interview with Farrakhan, which was never published. Just type in Goldberg + Farrakhan on Google and you will find the three-parts, directed at Joe Lieberman. Please note that Ed Rendell, Jewish Mayor of Philadelphia and now candidate for governor of Pa., checked out MLF before inviting him to Phila to help head off race riots. It was Rendell who told Lieberman that MLF was a good guy.

At 03:12 PM 7/16/2002 EDT, you wrote:
Mr. Wanniski,
But there is no difference between "gutter" and "dirty" as far as your offer of $1,000 to anyone who could produce "evidence that Farrakhan had ever Please confirm that my $1,000 is in the mail.
Josh Muravchik

July 16, 2002

Dear Joshua:

There is of course no difference between "gutter religion" and "dirty religion," but Min. Farrakhan was only making a correction because he has never said the words "gutter religion" and has several times used "dirty religion" in connection with political people of different faiths – Christians, Jews and Muslims -- who hide behind their religion in an attempt to make gains at the expense of other people. In the material you cite, the word "Judaism" does not appear. You cannot say he called "Judaism a gutter religion" [or dirty religion] when he never did. You are in a long line of people who have claimed the $1000 without proof, only an insistence that you know what he really meant. The best way to understand Farrakhan's angry comment is to think of Jesus chasing the money changers away from the Temple at Passover, on the grounds they were making a mockery of Judaism. Of course, this got Jesus in trouble straightaway, and in a few days he was crucified.

You have got to do better, Joshua. So far, you have been hiding behind your own faith in an attempt to discredit and destroy a good man who is neither bigoted nor anti-Semitic. I would say you are practicing a dirty religion. Please examine your conscience and perhaps you will be able to clean up your act.

Jude Wanniski

From: JMuravchik
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 17:27:28 EDT
Subject: Re: You owe me $1,000
To: Jude Wanniski

Mr. Wanniski,
You are a fraud and a liar. Your reply is wholly unresponsive. I furnished you the verified quote in which he said the religion of Israel is a dirty religion--his acknowledged words. Now you fall back on saying you know anti-Semitism when you see it, and this is not anti-Semitism. In other words, you are the sole judge: if you say Der Sturmer or Mein Kampf is not anti-Semitic then it is not. But in the world of the sane, words have given meanings. Your black heart and leprous soul brim with anti-Semitism, but that is between you and your creator. My concern is that you put a challenge, and I met it, and you owe me money.
Joshua Muravchik

* * * * *

From: Jude Wanniski
To: JMuravchik
16 July


The "religion" of Israel of which Min Farrakhan spoke almost 20 years ago was clearly related to Zionism, which was used by Israelis to trample the rights of Palestinians who had lived on that land. The Er'etz Israelis have been dishonest all these years in pretending they would like to have a resolution of the conflict with the Palestinians. They want a Greater Israel and want the Palestinians removed or contained forever in concentration camps. The folks behind this goal were the founders of Israel, who were secular socialists and communists who had no interest in "Judaism." They wanted it all and still pretend that their "God" promised them all this land. Sharon and Netanyahu are part of this Er'etz game. Joshua, you know all this, but you also pretend, kidding yourself. I would not mind at all if Israel could persuade the Palestinians to hang out in Jordan, but the Er’etz drive is alive and well -- witness the vote of the Likudniks -- and as long as our government tilts toward them, the suicide bombers will be back to blow up more of Manhattan. You and I know [Richard] Perle. The WTC, as far as he was concerned, was collateral damage. Part of the price in the great chess game he is playing.

How easy it is for you to call me a "fraud and a liar." I was pleased to see you actually contact me, because the Perle/Wolfie crowd has discouraged all their sheep from having anything to do with me. You broke out of the flock. You became a man on the margin. It is still clear you will not engage me seriously, as you have not read the Farrakhan/Goldberg interview and cannot explain why Lieberman and Rendell decided Farrakhan is not a bad fellow and certainly not an anti-Semite. Your entire case is based on an ancient tape that never mentions the word "Judaism." It has been part of the big lie of the Defamation League, determined to smother any Islamic voice in America that might contest "Greater Israel." They did the same to Jesse Jackson in 1984 when it appeared he was cozy with the Palestinians.

In some ways, you are much closer to the Nazi principles, which were racist and superior to non-Aryans. You guys have adopted the idea that because you are morally superior to the Palestinians, you have a right to the lebensraum of the Promised Land. Farrakhan is in the Middle East trying to encourage the Islamic people to accept Israel within the 1967 boundaries -- which is what Arafat was doing at Tabas with the Barak negotiators in February 2001. Your fanatical Er’etz crowd puts your goal ahead of everything else, including the national security of the US. And please do not insult my intelligence by saying you don't know. Read through this e-mail exchange and you should see how you have been frothing at the mouth. Go find a quiet corner and examine your own conscience. I submit is you who are pretending the innocence of your "leaders." What goes around comes around, and when you look in the mirror you are staring fascism directly in its face.


* * * * *

From: JMuravchik
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 22:21:20 EDT
Subject: Re: Israel&Judaism?
To: Jude Wanniski

You are one sick f**k. And dishonest to the core of your being.
Very sincerely,
Joshua Muravchik